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Virtual  Crawl Schedule

Everything You Need to Know

Up to March 7, 2021

Before The Crawl

How can you get ready for the virtual crawl? Be sure to follow the event on facebook and check back often for updates on new makers, creatives and artists who will be joining us.  Have questions for specific artists? Be sure to let us know!

3pm to 5pm, Sunday March 12th

The Main Event

This is is the main event! Log in via zoom if you want to ask questions live, or watch the livestream on Facebook if you want the more casual "pop in and out" studio crawl experience.

5pm to 6pm

Artsy Happy Hour

We hope you had fun on the virtual studio crawl! Feel free to join us on an optional (unstreamed) live happy hour!  This will be a chance to ask extra questions in a casual environment. Grab a beverage and kick back!

After March 7th

Beyond the Crawl

It's all over- so now what? Well, we hope you will come back for suture studio crawls, for one! Be sure to stay tuned for further events, and make sure to give us feedback on what we can do to make your experience even better!

Schedule: Schedule
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